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Investor Relations

Investor Relations

At Alere, our mission is to empower individuals to take charge of their own health under medical supervision, to enable healthcare providers to improve clinical outcomes and lower costs, and to deliver significant annual earnings growth to our investors over the next several years.  We strive to build open relationships with our shareholders and prospective investors, and we manage these relationships in accordance with company policies and relevant securities law.

A global leader in rapid point-of-care diagnostics, our products, as well as our new product development efforts, focus on cardiology, infectious disease, toxicology and diabetes. Being a leading developer of innovative diagnostic and monitoring devices allows us to combine near-patient monitoring tools with value-added healthcare services in order to improve care and lower healthcare costs for both providers and patients.

Annual Meetings & Reports

Annual Meetings and Reports

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SEC Filings & Financials

Securities and Exchange Commission Filings

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Earnings Releases

We interact with our shareholders and prospective investors through multiple channels.

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Corporate Governance

Alere has a firmly established policy of conducting our affairs in compliance with the letter and spirit of the law and adhering to the principles of business ethics.

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Presentations & Events

Explore how Alere is advancing the world of health management and diagnostics with our innovative approach to connected health.

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Contact Information

We appreciate your interest in Alere. Please use this contact information for help with your inquiry.

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Helpful Documents

Corporate Fact Sheet

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