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Welcome to Connected Health

The traditional approach of healthcare systems around the world – to center themselves around large institutions – creates fragmentation. We lose track of information and conduct unnecessary tests. Patients fall through the cracks and generally don’t take action until their conditions lead to an emergency room visit, a hospital stay, or a surgery that could have been avoided.

Our approach to migrating diagnostics and the ongoing monitoring of conditions out of large institutions to the point of care finally allows us to get to a place in healthcare where we’ve wanted to go for decades.

By moving testing closer to the individual, we are able to help patients and healthcare professionals perform the right test at the right time. Furthermore, when people monitor their conditions remotely, they are more vigilant about their health and compliant with their treatment protocols. Our products and services help to close the loop between diagnostics and monitoring and, by doing so, empower caregivers with the data they need to make the best healthcare decisions.

The net effects of this approach are better care management, better health outcomes, and lower overall costs – all of which are good for patients, good for the broader healthcare economy, and good for society.