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Health Services

Health Information Solutions

It’s proven: Lifestyle changes are essential to achieving and maintaining optimal health. We provide clients with a host of comprehensive health management solutions that support individual and organizational health and wellbeing. Integrating support services and leading-edge technology, Alere™ assists clients to create custom-made health management solutions. Together we can create sustainable health goals.

Analytics & Clinical Decision Support

The Alere™ Clinical Decision Support Platform compiles, analyzes and enables reporting on disparate clinical data sets for hospital systems, multi-million-member insurers, government bodies and EMR/HCIT vendors.

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Care Management

With more than 20 years of experience in driving positive healthy behavior change, our programs help health plans, employers, public entities and provider organizations reduce health risk and avoid preventable healthcare costs.

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Home Monitoring

Alere™ Home Monitoring, Inc. is the leader in home anticoagulation monitoring services and related products.

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