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Analytics & Clinical Decision Support

We provide a broad array of analytical and clinical decision support (CDS) solutions, all delivered on one platform.

The Alere™ Clinical Decision Support Platform leverages the world’s largest library of evidence-based medical knowledge to provide clinicians with real-time patient and population assessment at the point of care, as well as offer hospitals, ACOs and providers solutions for risk stratification and cost reduction.

The comprehensive platform provides immediate recommendations for care, triggering earlier interventions, reducing avoidable errors, and improving overall health outcomes. It easily compiles, analyzes, and enables reporting on disparate clinical data sets for hospital systems, multi-million-member insurers, and government bodies, as well as EHR and healthcare IT vendors. The solution integrates seamlessly with existing hospital and laboratory information systems with no disruption to workflow.

Key Features Include:

  • Combines rules and evidence-based content with actual patient data to quickly create personalized care plans

  • Offers both referential and interventional data, in real-time/at the point of care

  • Satisfies Meaningful Use requirements around clinical decision support, patient education, and reporting/data-exchange

  • Applies patient and patient population level data to ensure quality measures are met

  • Improves infection control in hospitals and ICUs, thereby reducing both risk and costs through preventative alerts and medication management

  • Built on the most up-to-date methods of data interoperability including HL7, CCD and CDA standards for seamless integration into current workflows

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