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Care Management

Alere has more than 20 years of experience helping organizations drive positive healthy behavior change, reduce health risk and avoid preventable healthcare costs. We serve health plans, employers, public entities and provider organizations by delivering high-quality personal interactions that lead to improved health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs. 

Our Approach

Our behavior change programs combine the compassion of human touch with the power of technology to connect and inspire. We work with each individual to identify and overcome barriers — both personal and those presented by the world in which we live — to create healthy change. Using cultural, economic and psycho-social insights, we align the right resources and action plans to empower individuals. 

Our Solutions

Our behavior change solutions focus on improving key high-risk behaviors across all members of your population, whether they are healthy, at-risk or have a chronic condition. Our compassionate healthcare professionals deliver caring and insightful personal interactions that impact your employees/members in such a way that they feel inspired and excited about changing their lives for the better.

Our behavior change framework is adaptable to any health condition or population (e.g., age-related or socioeconomic groups). We offer programs for all major stages of health, starting with pregnancy management services, and continuing through end-of-life care for people with terminal illnesses. Our programs include: 

We offer Public Sector Solutions for Medicaid/Medicare populations, in which our services are adapted to meet the needs of public sector populations, including the aged, blind and disabled, dual eligibles and the frail elderly. 

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Our Results

Alere has touched more than 7.8 million individuals via our health and wellness, chronic condition management case management and maternity management services, including:

 - 1.6 million with diabetes
 - 1 million with asthma
 - 285,000 with heart failure
 - 250,000 with COPD
 - 760,000 with CAD
 - 2 million pregnant women
 - 2 million tobacco users

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