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The DayLink® Monitor

The DayLink® Monitor records a participant's weight or blood glucose values together with answers to preprogrammed questions regarding symptoms of the chronic condition Alere is monitoring.

This proprietary biometric measurement device provides critical, actionable data on a daily basis to Alere clinicians.

The participant's health information is sent daily via a phone line or wireless connection to Alere's clinicians. This allows them to provide immediate guidance and/or alert the participant's physician if the symptoms require immediate attention.

Typically, the monitor is used for higher-acuity participants in our Heart Failure, Diabetes and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) programs. It is hooked up to separate devices used to measure or monitor symptoms relevant to the condition, including weight scales for heart failure and glucometers for diabetes. In the COPD program, only the DayLink Monitor is used.

Study Shows Cost Savings

Study demonstrates an annual average cost savings of nearly $1,000 for each patient who received diabetes disease management services and an average increase of more than $4,500 for non-participants.

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Introducing the Mya® mHealth Solution

Right now, 8.3 percent of Americans have diabetes, and the chronic condition is on the rise. If trends continue, one-third of children will develop diabetes in their lifetime and one-third of Americans will have diabetes by 2050.

To address the escalating crisis, Alere is offering the MyaTM mobile health solution – an application that offers people with type 2 diabetes a better way to manage their health and engage with their caregivers.

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