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OB Case Management

Alere offers a personalized approach to care aimed at empowering women with education and providing access to available resources. Our OB Case Management Program prolongs pregnancies, improves birth weights and minimizes hospitalizations.

The program identifies women with medical, pregnancy, social or lifestyle risks. At-risk or high-risk pregnant women are partnered with a primary OB RN case manager. The case manager and participant collaborate to achieve goals focused on improving pregnancy outcomes.

Program at a Glance

A core component of our OB Case Management program is the expertise of our OB RN case managers who are available 24/7. They serve as care coordinators and form collaborative relationships with the participant and her physician to:

  • Provide education, support and resource interventions
  • Reinforce the physician’s plan of care
  • Establish individualized short- and long-term goals
  • Focus on self-care strategies including when, where and how to seek medical advice and care
  • Assess progress toward goal achievement

Case managers work with participants to create individualized care plans and maintain regular contact to provide support and guidance.

Reduces Hospitalizations

A core program component is the expertise of our OB RN case managers who are available 24/7. They work with participants on care plans with goals, target dates and assessments. They maintain contact with participants to provide support and guidance.

Download brochure on OB Case Management