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Coagulation Disorders in Pregnancy

Blood clotting disorders in pregnancy can lead to serious, costly complications and even death. Alere's Coagulation Disorders in Pregnancy Program connects women identified with this condition to comprehensive obstetrical nursing care complemented by a full-time OB pharmacist staff.

Clinicians work with patients during at-home visits and via telephone, empowering them to improve self-care skills with the primary goal of preventing prenatal complications.

Under physician direction, Heparin, an injected anticoagulant, is titrated to achieve a patient-specific, predetermined laboratory goal.

Program at a Glance

  • An initial home visit assessment and comprehensive patient education

  • 24-hour availability of high-risk obstetrical nurses

  • Provision of equipment and medical supplies

  • Consultations with OB pharmacists

  • Detailed clinical reports

  • Patient-specific dosing guidelines

  • Compliance management

Contact Alere Health

To refer a patient, call (800) 950-3963.

Intensive Monitoring

Patients are intensively monitored and managed by OB pharmacists in conjunction with physician orders. The continuous anticoagulant therapy via subcutaneous infusion therapy eliminates multiple daily self-injections.

Cost Comparison: LMWH vs. Heparin Pump (1)


The heparin cost-advantage over LMWH increases with patient weight and further more with twins.

Compare the cost of full dose anti-coagulant management using LMWH (drug cost alone) with heparin.