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Alere Triage MeterPro

Alere Triage® MeterPro

Alere Triage® MeterPro is designed to provide diagnostic results quickly and easily. With up to 16 immunoassays and the ability to use whole blood, plasma, or urine, the Alere Triage® MeterPro gives you a flexible solution at the point-of-care.

The platform is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Add sample to the device using the transfer pipette included in each kit.
  2. Insert the device into the meter.
  3. Read results on display panel or print directly from meter. Results are highlighted when above the cut-off. Qualitative results are displayed as positive (POS) or negative (NEG) eliminating the need for interpretation.

Find up-to-date Alere Triage® product status information on the Alere Triage® Products Update page


  • Flexible and easy to use with 16 immunoassays and the ability to use whole blood, plasma, or urine
  • Rapid results in about 15-20 minutes
  • Built in quality controls into the meter, software, and test device
  • Quickly, easily, and inexpensively assess patients and lower overall operating costs
  • Customize your tests by running only the test panels you need via Test Select™ feature


  • Barcode reader for patient and operator ID with alphanumeric capability
  • ID and QC lockouts including unauthorized users
  • Interface with any LIS solution
  • Multiple comprehensive connectivity options

Product Code

  • Alere Triage® MeterPro 55070

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Alere Triage® MeterPro

Learn how the Alere Triage® MeterPro works by playing our interactive product demonstration.

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Alere Triage® Solutions

The Alere Triage® System provides you with the Largest Immunoassay Menu available Alere Triage® System Tests has a comprehensive test menu with over 20 immunoassays and the ability to use whole blood, plasma, or urine.

Centralize All of Your POC Data into RALS®

The RALS® interface to the Alere Triage® MeterPro features bi-directional communication and transfer of a comprehensive test menu including cardiovascular and toxicology assays.

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