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Toxicology Products & Services

Alere Toxicology offers drug testing products and services that are used in a multitude of settings such as hospitals, clinics, physician offices, criminal justice, workplace, rehabilitation, occupational health clinics, and home testing. We offer analyzer based rapid tests, visually read point of care tests and laboratory based screening and confirmation testing. With multiple SAMHSA Certified laboratories, and laboratory excellence in therapeutic monitoring, oral fluid testing, and government and criminal justice testing, Alere Toxicology can meet all your testing needs.

Home Consumers

Our First Check® line of home testing for drugs of abuse provides consumers with the accurate answers to questions in the privacy of their own home.

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Our Workplace Solutions Group provides comprehensive products, laboratory and technology solutions to employers large and small that are looking to implement or enhance their drug and alcohol testing programs.

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The government services division of Alere Toxicology is committed to providing reliable and innovative rapid screening products and lab services to the criminal justice, government, and treatment marketplace.

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Empower clinicians. The Alere Triage® TOX Drug Screen is the choice for rapid drug screening in thousands of hospitals worldwide.

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Original Equipment Manufacturers

As one of the premier manufactures of rapid diagnostic test devices Alere can manufacture devices that meet your custom specifications.

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Medication Monitoring

The Alere™ Medication Monitoring solution helps physicians identify drug abuse, misuse, or diversion, and allows them to manage medication adherence for chronic pain patients.

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Addiction and Treatment

Our specialized laboratory and dedicated staff provide effective detection tools for drug treatment professionals, helping them to discourage abuse and support the addiction recovery process.

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