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Alere Cholestech LDX® System Product Demo Library

The Alere Cholestech LDX System is an efficient and economical point of care testing for cholesterol and related lipids, and blood glucose serve as diagnostic tools that provide information for immediate risk assessment and therapeutic monitoring of heart disease, inflammatory disorders and diabetes. Watch modules 1 through 8 and take the Alere Cholestech LDX System Post-Training Quiz.

Modules 1-8

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Module 1

System Overview

Module 2

System Setup

Module 3

System Configuration

Module 4

Optics Check

Module 5

Liquid Quality Control Check

Module 6

Preparing to Perform a Test

Module 7

Running a Test Cassette From a
Fingerstick Sample

Module 8

Running a Test Cassette From a
Venous Whole Blood Sample


Alere Cholestech LDX® System
Post-Training Quiz