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Chronic Care

Individuals with chronic conditions learn better health habits to slow the progression of their illnesses and avoid unnecessary healthcare costs.

Our Chronic Care Program offers a personalized health support approach based on each individual’s readiness-to-change and what health issues they want to address.

Our technology-enabled, evidence based solutions help chronically ill individuals better manage their conditions. We offer programs for asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart failure, coronary artery disease, diabetes and musculoskeletal pain.

Based on each individual's readiness-to-change and what health issues they want to address, personalized interventions connect the widest range of health management solutions, devices and diagnostic tests. This results in improved health and productivity and lower healthcare costs.

Through our Personal Health Support model, we help participants to reach their health goals using patient-centered care plans, all with the technology-enabled support of our experienced care staff.

Chronic Care Overview

Alere has adopted a new model of patient-centered care called Personal Health Support.

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This toll-free nurseline is like having a personal health coach available 24/7.

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Physicians and participants are connected to the most relevant information available.

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Alere™ is the world’s leader in incorporating biometric devices into our chronic care programs.

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Clinical Guidelines

Physician Clinical Guidelines and Overview Summaries.

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Chronic Care Reporting

At Alere, we prove our value with rich outcomes and extensive data reporting.

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Introducing the Mya® mHealth Solution

Right now, 8.3 percent of Americans have diabetes, and the chronic condition is on the rise. If trends continue, one-third of children will develop diabetes in their lifetime and one-third of Americans will have diabetes by 2050.

To address the escalating crisis, Alere is offering the MyaTM mobile health solution – an application that offers people with type 2 diabetes a better way to manage their health and engage with their caregivers.

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