A Leader in Rapid Point-of-Care Diagnostics.

Are you worried about substance abuse in the workplace?

By providing reliable drug detection tools, our solutions help employers create a safer, healthier, drug-free work environment.

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We find the AegisPOC™ platform to be intuitive and simple to use.

"I would highly recommend AegisPOC™ to other POC Coordinators, and in fact have already done so!” ~Anne Penrice.

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Point-Of-Care Testing: One Solution to Global Healthcare

Discover how our rapid diagnostic testing solutions can help solve some of the world's great healthcare challenges - including yours.

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Make Better, Faster Decisions in the Moment

Read real-life accounts of how point-of-care testing opens new doors to healthcare and improves medical outcomes around the world.

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Fighting Antibiotic Resistance with Rapid Diagnostics

See how the use of existing rapid diagnostics and the development of new rapid diagnostics are critical components of the global strategy to combat antibiotic resistance.

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Point-of-care diagnostics is a growing and dynamic industry helping to improve clinical and economic outcomes globally. Abbott brings you a variety of expert viewpoints on new innovations, insights, and impacts that are shaping the future of diagnostics around the world.


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