MES QwikCheck accessories

QwikCheck Beads is an external quality control material for use in automated and manual sperm counting systems. The material is for in-vitro use only and is to be used as a tool to assess the accuracy and precision of the laboratory's sperm counting methods by providing a known target value and +/- range. The Beads can be used for manual proficiency testing on hemacytometers such as Neubauer counting chambers and Makler and conventional fixed coverslips.

QwikCheck Test Strips are used to test pH and leukocytes (WBC's) in semen. Test results are determined by comparing the test patches to the color chart provided on the bottle label.

The QwikCheck Dilution kit is to be used to dilute semen samples prior to automated/manual testing and for semen sample preparation. The dilution media is Earl's balanced salt solution which contains ingredients to support sperm motility and viability and is recommended by WHO for semen sample preparation (WHO99, 4th ed. manual, p. 104). The product is intended for in vitro use only.


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